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Through lively discussions and pushing forward opinions that matter, the Lakeshore Stamp Club has always been an important part of change and revolution. As we go further to raise the aspects of change, we tend to make things better and help everyone understand the things that matter.

Club Member

Stand a chance to be a part of a club that is bound to provide you with a platform that can be used for the better part of humanity.

Mission Report

Enhancing the thinking of an individual and helping them amylase the importance that they hold sacred tends to be our mission report.

Stock Exchange

Learn more about the many aspects that revolve around the stock exchange and stand to make it all head in the right direction.

the club operates lively discussion groups and hosts informative presentations for members and guests

Our Activities

What We Do

Conference & Seminars

Take part in lively conferences and seminars that cover topics of importance and the many subjects that we ought to learn about.

Annual Exhibitions

Exhibitions that generate a positive outcome in the form of advancement towards the development of an individual.


Gatherings that discuss essential topics and other related chapters that stand to be the need of the hour. 

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Things to Be Aware of When Collecting Stamps

If you are a philatelist, then your elixir to exploring the world is the numerous countries, the diverse history, the aesthetic artwork, and charming cultures. The chances of stamps being elevated to the stature of a collector’s item were bleak …
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