Submitting Lists

LSC Members may submit Personal Lists for posting on the LSC website trading post and the Shoebox. Suitable philatelic items are grouped within 3 general categories; Country Specific, Philatelic Material, Want Lists. Members are encouraged to review their listings periodically. Full details of member's material should be submitted to the bourse manager or the webmaster (Trading post submission) for review. If an item is accepted, details will be first posted in the shoebox to advise other members of the material with complete details posted on the website. A notification will be sent to the member who wants or requested the item. A special book is maintained at the Bourse that lists additional details for these items. The contact identity is maintained by the Bourse Manager. Lists are maintained for three (3) months from the date of posting unless otherwise requested.

Trading Post Listing

Listings for March 2014

Country ID   DESCRIPTION Catalog  
Germany 150 Sell Germany in 7 stock books containing approximately 4000 stamps. Most are fine cancelled, the rest mint never hinged. All stamps are VF condition. No DDR or Berlin. Date range of stamps 1872-2000


Modern Era

Higher value items, and want lists can be listed by members in this category. Items include; stamps, covers etc. Unsorted bulk lots are also typical items that are impractable for submission through the regular Bourse.

Non-Philatelic Items

Typical items in this category member's can list are:albums, supplies, stock books and other items of interest.


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