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LSC Bourse Rules

LSC maintains a large inventory of stamps for members to browse and acquire at regular meetings. The LSC Bourse rules and guidelines are published in a seperate booklet.

Submission Procedure

The Club Bourse is a feature for club members to allow members to both sell and purchase philatelic material. Guests may also purchase from the Bourse. The Bourse operates season to season, material will be accepted commencing in September with settlements made following the Annual General Meeting in June.

In addition to club members material , several dealers regularily attend LSC meetings and provide a wide variety of items.

What's What at the Bourse

Who's Who at the Bourse
Bourse Staff


The LSC bourse is maintained by a number of volunteer members. To contact any member please use the e-mail contact address for additional information.

Name Title Contact
Mario Bourse Manager
Dudley 2nd Vice President
Regular Bourse Volumes
Country 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ $1.00+
USA and UN    
Great Britain    
British Isles      

The bourse material is cataloged in several volumes according to price and country. Tables and lamps are provided for viewing.

Member Want Lists


Member Description Contact
185 Bourse Manager  
185 2nd Vice President  
185 Mystery Box  


Philatelic Items

High value items, and want lists can be listed by members in this category. Items include; stamps, covers, etc.

Non-Philatelic Items

Items in this category include albums, supplies, stock books and other items of interest.


Special auctions are frequently run through the bourse. Details of any up-coming auction can be see by visiting the Auction page. A listing, including the lot description, and pictures of selected material can be seen.


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